ProjectRepoDescription with random strangers send photos talk on video
kucos.js.orgGithubComments and kudos server for static websites
hashchat.js.orgGithubChat with person with same tags as you! Encryption of the messages is handled by Bitcoin public and private keys
suchary.js.orgGithubFrontend written in React for Polish jokes
FakeID-APIGithubFakeID scraping API
Pants or ShortsGithubIt is pants or shorts weather?
Szobcy Plugin-Plugin for polish Omegle alternative
CSSSodaFlowGithubCSS and typography tool
SimHokGithubA lightweight and easy-to-use library for features you probably use every day
Movie ScrobblerGithubMovie Scrobbler - like but for Movies, built with Blitzjs
Merge CSVGithubMerge multiple databases and remove duplikats from CSV files (e.g. Keepass)
HN DarkGithubHacker News - Dark Mode

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Last update: 11. Mar 2022